Our Team

Project Manager &
QuickBooks Online Certified

Huguette Jean-François, M ès Sces, MGP, ITIL

CEO, Finance Director

Huguette obtained a master’s degree in project management, a post-graduate diploma in educational technologies and holds certificates in organizational change and digital accessibility. She is a talented, multi-lingual and experienced professional with nearly 30 years of experience in project management, administration, teaching and training. 

She is a resourceful, creative person who is known for quality control, effective time management, technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, conflict management and teamwork skills. 

Huguette is constantly involved in the community both as a foster family and as a volunteer with certain vulnerable groups. As a feminist, she is committed to educating young ladies and women who are the victims of violence in disadvantaged countries.

Communication &
Graphic Designer

Lynne Collins - Vice-President

Communication Director, Design & Web

Lynne is a professional graphic designer and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in both the private and government sectors. As a Certified Graphic Designer, she takes the time to listen to her clients’ needs. Lynne's high standards and attention to detail ensure clients receive top quality, creative solutions; All while staying on-budget and meeting tight deadlines.  Local printing resources are the preferred choice as it allows a final review of each project before submission.

Lynne is proud to be part of a great team that values the well-being of the community.

Web Strategist

Nicole Baptiste - Chief Director

Community & Outreach

Nicole is a computer management technician with over 25 years of experience in the development of management systems and holds a certification in computer management technology and administration. She has been involved in several system implementation projects since the beginning of her career as well as documentation and training. She has advanced knowledge of various office suites, accounting software and web development packages.

She has volunteered in computer science for many years within various community organizations. Her work has led her here: she will always stand up for women.